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Nordic Bitumen AB

– A complete logistics partner for bitumen products


At Nordic Bitumen AB we have specialised in the complete picture. We steer and control the product – from place of loading to place of delivery. You receive a secure, monitored, quality delivery, “just in time”.


We are able to offer all forms of import/export via sea and road transport, from place of loading to place of delivery ”just in time” with no intermediate storage or warehousing.


Over the years, we have worked in the Baltic region as well as southern and central Sweden. Our operations are directed towards companies, both large and small, within a number of different industries. We have a great deal of experience of import operations from Lithuania. Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Germany, and have built up contact networks within several industries.


Special transports

Nordic Bitumen AB has the ability to transport all types of chemical products. Our tanker-trailers are specially built in stainless steel and are heat insulated. They are equipped with heating elements that can maintain the required heat of products up to 230°C.


A secure chain of transport requires that our haulers in Sweden as well as in other countries are specifically trained for the purposes. When required we employ the services of drivers with “dangerous goods training” (ADR). All tanker-trailers are ADR certified.


Customer-specific solutions

It is our customers’ product requirements and their places of delivery that steer our operations. We are extremely cost conscious in our operations, in order for you to receive the product and volume required and that the logistic solution is executed in the best, quickest way.


We adapt the logistic solution to both large and small customers. Our road and sea transport solutions are individually formed based on the best possible solution for you as the customer.


Our products

The determining factor is our customers’ requirements. Products are purchased from Europe.


• Bitumen products:

– B 35/50

– B 50/70

– B 70/100

– B 100/150

– B160/220


• Polymerbitumen

• Emulsioner

• Oxidised bitumen

• Other oil-based products


• Bio-fuels

• Chemical products


All products in accordance with customer-specific requirements.



Nordic Bitumen AB is a family company founded by Ulrika, Jenny and Anna in 2003. Today the company is run by Ulrika and Anna in cooperation with their father, Per-Anders, who has been in the business for 50 years.


Please contact our sales office if you have any questions.